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‘Telling stories through my photos’

On Saturday 30th May , a couple of hundred people tuned in on YouTube  to watch  a darts game between bobs and me. Both not having a great deal of experience on the board being beginners ourselves but took to the board to have fun and play a game best of 7 legs. It was a battle of Mrs Vs Mrs of both Growing YouTube channels  (Edgar TV and The Darts referee).

How did this come about? 

Well as there is  some ‘banter’  between both channels , it was  mentioned that as Matt Edgar (my partner) is contracted to the PDC and is not allowed to play live matches it was suggested that a Mrs Vs Mrs would be a good and fun way to have both darts YouTube channels compete against each other.

How and when  was this game to be decided ?

On  the Monday leading up to the Saturday  Matt wanted to test some new equipment for live streaming , it was suggested that I throw some darts and play the ‘Edgar nation’ whilst we are testing .

Nervous was an understatement to how I felt , not only going live for the first time , but to play and throw darts for the first time as well made it even more nerve racking. But the most encouraging part about the live stream was that the Edgar nation and anyone who came and watched was supportive of me being a beginner there was no negativity and that surprised me more than anything. Requests came in to play me also known as the ‘Painkiller’ on Li darts  and it was overwhelming.  I got my first victory of the night with a 74 checkout which saw me screaming in Joy as I had been beaten many times, but to hit a double and also win a game was a good feeling .

Soon after that it was decided that myself , representing Edgar TV would face Bob’s from The Darts Referee on  Saturday live at 7pm.  I thought to myself .. wow this is actually happening now , it’s not just talk , this game will happen.  

Bob’s had been on the board a bit longer than me throwing some darts , so for me I just thought if I can improve slightly for the match , I would be more than happy. 

Less than five days to practise, that was it  for the big game , hyped up to the max by both partners, promotions on social media of me and Bob’s going head to head on the board. I must admit it made me giggle getting involved in the fun of it all. 

Wednesday came , and people tuned in for another live YouTube session to play me as now I had some practising to do , again the Edgar Nation showed their support as I played many people on the Li Darts system and watched me as I celebrated hitting  a few trebles alongside.  

I had an equipment change for Wednesday using the ‘coke‘ darts that Matt had put in coke for a few days showing a experiment in one of his videos.  I felt like Peter Wright. They seemed they had more grip and were lighter , being 21 grams  Red Dragon darts with  standard Retina Flights.

Friday came and we did a last minute live practice session in the afternoon and as I was playing , matt relayed some comments of encouragement , and support from the Edgar nation and even advising that I had improved in just a few days which made me feel slightly better going into the game. 

Was I starting to enjoy it a bit more ?

Yes I think I was,  as people showed me that it didn’t matter if you threw rubbish darts , or you hadn’t been playing that long, people wanted to be a part of it , they wanted to see the fun involved and of course a battle that would later come on the Saturday. 

Game day!!!

Saturday , the game that the Ref Squad and the Edgar nation had been waiting for … or at least I think .  I hadn’t thought much about the game till the afternoon as the countdown was on till kick off. But then I thought this wouldn’t be my  game , this had Bob’s written all over it, due to having a bit more experience than me. I was definitely the outsider , the underdog going into this match I felt , which made me feel even more nervous as I knew a few  people would be watching the stream.  Matt tried to ease the nerves by doing a little coaching session in the afternoon, advising on little tips being a beginner dart player and what I could focus on whilst I played. This helped for a short time but they soon returned. 

Being extremely nervous I had to try and help with the nerves , so I put my war paint on and  stripes were visible on my face , I introduced the stream with a bit more attitude trying to hide the nerves so I could at least throw straight.

With Bob’s winning the bull, it meant that she threw first in the game, which saw scores coming in from both of us and gradually getting down to the doubles .

There  was a battle with the doubles back and fourth and eventually I stole the leg taking out 1, double 1!


Yes I did scream ! I celebrated  as I got my first leg  which also helped to settle the nerves. I was happy . But soon to follow was the rush of adrenaline which gave me a bigger problem as I found it harder to settle as my  heart raced with Joy  and my hands shaking as I went to throw. 

The 2nd leg saw that both end up on double 1  and a battle to see who who take out the double first.  Eventually the leg was won by Bob’s making it a 1-1 situation. 

I was still amazed by people tuning in to watch me and Bob’s play. They didn’t know us,  they didn’t mind about our averages, or stats they just wanted to see both parties enjoying the game and even more support rolled in at both ends.

The 3rd leg gave us more smiles and screams as I took out double 2 to make it 2-1 in this battle of Mrs VS Mrs which led to me on a roll taking the fourth leg, by taking out the double 8 which I have since discovered its my favourite double so far . Its actually ironic as one of Matts favourite doubles is also double 8.

Bob’s came back strong in the 5th leg taking  out a double 1  coming back  meaning it was 3-2 to me.  I remember thinking at this point , I’ve done well , I couldn’t ask for more and was happy with the score. I think I surprised a few people .  

In the 6th leg  Bob’s had lead  and I had a few stray darts but it all came down to the doubles once again, who would take the double out first. With  no scores called as we  missed or bust our scores , we were back and fourth until it came down to me taking out 6 going 3, 1, double 1!  Yes!!! I had done it ! I had won 4-2 which I never expected and whats more  Bob’s and Jack had rung  after congratulating me and matt (Edgar TV) on the win and bobs advising she was just as nervous as me playing that game . They are two really great people and It was great sportsmanship. I hope that by me and Bob’s going live playing each other having fun it could help other people get involved and enjoy the game of darts what ever level you are. Don’t be afraid if you think you are not great, as everyone has to start somewhere and me and Bob’s did just that. 

The level of support on both sides from people we had never met was truly amazing and I’m sure there will be another rematch in the future where Edgar TV and The Darts Referee go head to head in another battle. 

Thank you to Bobs and Jack from The Darts Referee YouTube Channel  for getting involved and having fun, and it shows by doing this that actually YouTube channels can work together and grow even more so and not be so against  each other because you may share the same kind of content or even viewers. 

If you would like to see Bob’s view head on over to The Darts Referee to see there view. Make sure you check both channels out and hit that subscribe button . 

Similar equipment I used for the match below, click  on the pictures ;


I have listed the equipment used for the photos just in case you would like to know ;