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The mechanical like structure of the 21g Voks Jagger Dart caught my eye for various reasons  and the main one was due to how they looked. The Voks are unusual in structure to any dart I had seen  and have a piston/tentacle look about them which makes it more intriguing to touch and even to throw with . The darts have 5 rows of tentacles in a spiral formation set apart 36 degrees, the tentacles also sit in a little so that flight damage is reduced.  What also makes these particular darts interesting is that they have a spring loaded point which has been converted and not standard in anyway .

Lets just start  by saying I am no expert here in the dart itself  or in darts. I  am a beginner player which I have only been playing about 3 weeks now , so darts equipment or even playing darts I am still looking to learn and progress. But having seen these darts I just wanted to know how they felt, to the grip, to the throw and how they landed in the board. 


Don’t worry…. I know the board has been rotated and the segments moved

Just by holding the barrel I noticed it was so much more ‘grippy’ than the darts I have been playing with, so much so, that I had to hold the dart towards the back.  I started with my normal grip  as I was testing and having a throw, however as they were landing in the board they seemed to be going in at different angles  mainly down to me have little to no experience. The grip on these darts felt alien to me  but looks wise they are super cool.  As I changed the grip and held them slightly towards the back it did feel better and the darts themselves went in the board a lot straighter.

In terms of the spring loaded points , I didn’t notice too much difference in regards to throw but I do know after having done some research on those points that the spring loaded point or points are meant to reduce bounce outs.

The design itself  allows the tip to move when the dart hits the wire  therefore decreasing the impact of collision allowing the dart to continue its momentum through to the board.  I can confirm that no bounce outs happened when I was throwing with these darts, in fact it felt like the points made it so the darts got stuck in the board firmer as I found it harder to take the darts from the board. 

I really enjoyed throwing these darts  on the looks alone as they do look really smart.  If you want to try a ‘funky’ dart these are certainly that and you will certainly have different results as I am only a beginner.  Definitely worth a go!

If you liked the article , stay tuned and look out for more content as  I will also be writing different articles through the photos I have taken. 

If you want to take a look at some VOKS darts , click on  the images below; 

I have listed the equipment used for the photos just in case you would like to know ;