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“Telling stories through my photos”

Some of my favourite photos were taken last year when I visited Blackpool especially ones of Blackpool’s North pier. I walked up and down its 503 metres in length having a look at various views  and snapping away with my camera taking in some history. The North Pier is actually the oldest  of the three piers in Blackpool , built in the 1860’s and also the longest of the three piers in Blackpool. With the history of the pier, its listed as a grade two building by the English Heritage and still standing after having suffered damage from fires, storms and collisions with boats. Its nice to see that the pier is still in use after all this time  as you can see from the photos  with couples going for sunset walks in the summer, the views are stunning especially when you see Blackpool Tower from a far. 

The North Pier is situated 410m North of the Blackpool tower. The Blackpool tower itself is a iconic landmark in Blackpool and in season you can see not only the illuminations but the Blackpool tower lighting up at night.  There was a grand ceremony in 1863 for the opening of the North Pier which back then cost around £11,000 to build after starting construction in 1862. 

The pier saw many changes over the years with amusements being added and in was  1895–96  during the winter it closed as it was unsafe. As a result, the pier was widened as electric lighting was added.

One of my favourite photos taken last year was of  a shot down the centre of the pier ( a photo that you can see to the right) , with the photo focusing more on the foreground and the pole/ lighting , it leaves coupes walking in the sunset along the pier  in the background. I learnt to be a bit more imaginative with capturing photos especially with different angles and perceptions.  

If you ever are close or passing by,  Blackpool is certainly worth a look if you haven’t been before being a  typical English seaside location with a lot of history , features and quirks which is certainly worth a view or two. 

I have listed the equipment used for the photos just in case you would like to know ;