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“Telling stories through my photos”

Saturday the 27th of June saw a rematch between me and Bobs  representing each YouTube channels Edgar TV and The Darts Referee the battle of both You-tuber’s continuing into this weekend.   Leading up to the match itself  I took on the Edgar nation in the week showing much improvement in all areas and generally playing the best I thought I had played since starting to play darts a month ago.  I took my record wins in one stream up to four wins and felt better about my overall performance especially having support again from the Edgar nation advising I have improved greatly and that the darts were getting straighter.  I did not practice a lot during the week just when we live streamed against our normal subs so when it came round to game day I thought I would have a little practice and see where I was at.  

Practise was great, and so much so I nearly hit my first 180! I couldn’t believe it was so close! all trebles just not quite the right ones , though a 135 was not that bad either.  7pm rolled around and it was game on! I started well by winning the bull which meant I threw first in the match which I thought was great, nerves were definitely kicking in now, I felt them more so as I started to throw which I found it harder to control this time around.  Was it because I had already won before ? Who knows I couldn’t put my finger on why .  

The first leg saw me take an early lead taking out double four  which  I thought would honestly settle me down into the game  but I just couldn’t settle . I had a mixture of  nerves and adrenaline kicking in , I knew Bobs would not be an easy game from the start, I knew she would want her revenge for last time and also knew she had improved.

Second leg saw bobs take the win taking out double five. It was so close as just before  I needed a 72 checkout, got the treble went for the double 6 and ended up hitting double 10 which meant I bust , unlucky as it could of been 2-0 to me . However that was not the case and bobs took the leg to make it 1-1.

Still through the game I wasn’t settling  I had hit more stray darts and darts off the board which was crazy. The 3rd  leg saw me trailing but ended up catching up when Bobs was on the doubles, but didn’t quite get it, missed tops which saw bobs take out double 9.  Support from both ends was filling up the chat boxes showing support for both of us and every one enjoying the game.  Was this game going to go all the way ? 

In the 4th leg I took out tops for the win to make it 2-2. Was I settled.. no definitely  not , I thought it would help but could not steady the hand . My hands were shaking holding the dart to even drinking some Vimto.  I couldn’t understand why? It wasn’t a world championship match or anything , it was just a game of darts for fun, a bit of competition for sure but nothing major, it was a weird feeling I would have to say. 

Bobs came back strong in the 5th leg taking out double one as I missed the tops to take the leg which meant Bobs was 3-2 up . It was close  but into the the 6th leg and possibly the last it meant for me  and it went down to the doubles. we both got stuck and I nearly took it with a double eight. I could not believe how close that was ! But Bobs came through with the win taking out double one . What a game! There was ups and downs and busts but I have to say well done to Bobs for the game . A great improvement from both and a lot of support again from all people joining in watching the stream.

I have to be honest  for me I was disappointed but not because I lost , Bobs deserved the win , but for me I didn’t feel I played well, not as before when I played a stream earlier in the week, but maybe due to not settling myself that could of  been the difference , but I will never know. It just shows you that with a game of darts anything can happen. Despite the loss itself both of us showed much improvement each adding another 10 points to our scores and for me to have been playing for a month, it cannot be that bad knowing that Bobs has  for 12 months or more. 

You could be an underdog and win. You can be the worlds greatest player ( i’m definitely not that ) but still lose but all comes down to what happens in the game and that shows in the results and can be  just what you see on TV also.

I believe losses must be had to try and improve for next time and I believe where I went wrong within myself was more of a internal factor rather than external. So all I say is that I’m looking forward to the next game!  

Well done Bobs again for the win!

If your reading this article and have not yet subscribed to The Darts Referee or Edgar TV  click on the links and be sure take a look at both YouTube channels as they daily uploads with darts content. 

I have listed the equipment used for the photos just in case you would like to know ;