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“Telling stories through my photos”

Bulls Novelty Snooker Dart board .. yes that’s right snooker dart board and pretty cool if you ask me and I actually got the chance to have a little play on one of these and to be honest it was pretty fun.  I stood no chance playing against the world number 62 Matthew Edgar but non the less enjoyed a different game of darts. 

The board itself is a regulation sized board weighing in around 5kg and a good quality bristle sisal board that can take some throwing as its hard wearing.  The board uses wires and staples for the ‘snooker balls’ which is different to your normal dart board. With the snooker theme it oozes a ‘must play’ for any darts fan  or someone like me where the appearance intrigues you more so you have got to have a little game.   Its a nice variation that everyone can play from beginners to the more experienced players and me myself being a beginner.  

Playing snooker with darts I never thought I of  this or seen this. I have played snooker a couple of times and when I was younger, so understanding the rules was easy but even if you don’t it comes with a great explanation of rules on the packaging. 

What was interesting for me is that you can focus a bit more on tying to hit targets in a fun way. I was told by my ‘coach’ Matt that as a beginner I was to concentrate on the vertical lines as they are easier and will come quicker than the horizontal lines when throwing darts.

so much so when  concentrating on vertical lines and taking away the normal dartboard with doubles/trebles, those verticals lines stuck . I found myself hitting a few of the red balls in the grouping and the pink and blue snooker ball as they were sitting within that vertical line. This showed me some improvement when you take away the normal external factor that your used to. I started to get the feel for the board and what would be my ‘muscle memory’ had started to improve. 

I had great fun having a go with this board and even made me focus on the other balls (other areas of the board)  all for fun and for the game. Even if your not a darts fan , I would certainly give it a go


The snooker dart board is not the only novelty dart board on the market today. Click on the photos below  for different variations and enjoy , might be worth giving them a try and for a bit of fun!

I have listed the equipment used for the photos just in case you would like to know ;