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“Telling stories through my photos”

One night I found myself browsing for darts equipment, more so wanting to find myself a darts case as I have recently got into playing darts over the lock-down period.  I have being playing now for a month and found myself gradually improving and after having been given a set of ‘pretty darts’ generously from Zac at Thornton Darts, I really started to enjoy the game.   I had my own darts and it felt good. Before this I had been using a spare set of Matthew Edgar’s darts who has been giving me a few tips to improve my game. 

On a search to find a nice little case to protect the ‘pretty darts’  I also came across  a set of Manchester United football darts, which for £8 comes with stems , flights, barrels, pocket case and a sharpener. Not bad I thought . So as Manchester United is My team  I chose a set to be dispatched but they do a variety of teams .

As I took hold of the darts I noticed straight away that they felt lighter even for a 22/23g dart compared to my darts I have been used to. The barrels themselves felt thicker  than the usual which in reality they are, but also felt very ‘slippy’ and ‘slimy’ when throwing with the grip which was strange to get used to at first. 

As I started to throw   the darts , they felt lighter again with having to push a bit harder on release as it felt  like they were not quite reaching the board and dropping low. But after getting used to the darts themselves  I then started to throw a bit better  hitting a few trebles and not bad scores in the end . On the board as you can see in the pictures they  look good and I have to say that the flights look really cool and that is not because I am a United fan.  They are a smart novelty dart for £8 or £9 and glad I brought them just to give them a whirl!

If you want to have a bit of fun and play, they definitely are a cool dart but if serious is your thing then it may be worth  exploring some flights for your favourite team.  I even went as far and checking out some further darts where Man Utd do their own official darts .. who would of thought ?  But they do look a nice set to try , maybe that will be the next one to explore.


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