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Using a Light box has been a great addition to my ever growing photography set up, which is why I wanted to write a short post regarding this as not every one knows about these little Gems. 

I have often found my self photographing many objects, so I can play with positions, lighting and different coloured backgrounds which offer a cleaner and crisper photo. 

Combining this with one of my other collections being Pokemon cards , which you will see photographed .

I wanted to find a way that I could really show  the Pokemon cards condition, especially with the graded PSA Cards. I mean if you have a great collection , you would wanna show it, right ?

The Light box was the perfect solution.  Trust me when I say if you  have a collection of Pokemon cards and really want o show them off , the light box is the perfect piece of equipment to do this , plus a little easel to stand them on. 


I have used various equipment to capture different pictures, which you can read about the equipment and  and see more pictures in the link below ;

Light box Photos